Chemical Engineering

PhD Students

Djire, Abdoulaye

Advisor: Dr. Levi T. Thompson
Research Interest(s): Design, synthesis, and characterization of nanostructured materials for biotechnology, sustainable energy, and energy storage and conversion.

Kozminsky, Molly

Advisor: Dr. Sunitha Nagrath
Research Interest(s): Microfluidics, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, cancer biology, biomimetic culture

Kumar, Ramya

Advisors: Dr. Joerg Lahann
Research Interest(s): I seek to control interactions between the complex environment within living organisms and synthetic materials using biomimetic polymer brushes

Lowe, Jeffrey

Advisor: Dr. Donald Siegel
Research Interest(s): Materials for energy storage; interfacial phenomena; electrochemistry; atomistic modeling; multi-scale modeling; high performance computing; machine learning

Salehi, Ali

Advisors: Dr. Ronald G. Larson
Research Interest(s): Thermodynamics, Rheology & Transport in Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolyte Mixtures, Modeling Drug Release, Molecular & Mesoscale Simulation Techniques

Zou, Weizhong

Advisor: Dr. Ronald Larson
Research Interest(s): Microrheology; Microfluidics; Drug delivery


Hajizadeh, Elnaz

Advisor: Dr. Ronald G. Larson
Research Interests: Rheology of Complex Fluids, Polymer Migration in Nano-Confined Geometries, Colloidal Suspensions, Tribology

Silvera Batista, Carlos

Advisor: Dr. Michael J. Solomon
Research Interest(s): Electrokinetic control of anisotropic particles for the formation of colloidal crystals. Solvation near macro/nano interfaces.

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Das, Saikat

Advisor: Dr. Brian Ellis
Research Interest(s): Oil & Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Thin Films, Catalysis, Interfacial Science, Surfactants, Nanotechnology, Separations

Delgado Vela, Jeseth

Advisor: Dr. Nancy Love
Research Interest(s): Microbial ecology in water treatment systems, bioprocess modeling

Fonoll Almansa, Xavier

Advisor: Dr. Lutgarde Raskin
Research Interest(s): Biological process for solid waste and waste water treatment; Bio-refinery; Life cycle assessment; Sustainability; Integrated waste systems; Process modelling

Otero-Diaz, Margarita

Advisor: Dr. Avery Demond
Research Interest(s): Impact of biofuels on surface water quality due to desorption of organochlorine pesticides from contaminated sediments

Rosenberg, David

Advisor: Dr. Bradley Williams
Research Interest(s): I am interested in combustion and the optical diagnostic methods used to study combustion.

Rosselli, Luciana

Advisor: Dr. Allen P. Liu
Research Interest(s): Cancer cell biology; Imaging-based high content screening development

Speakman, Emily

Advisor: Dr. Jon Lee
Research Interest(s): Global optimization, mixed-integer nonlinear programming, polyhedral combinatorics.