Civil and Environmental Engineering

PhD Students

Choi, Byungjoo

Advisors: Dr. SangHyun Lee
Research Interest(s): My research focuses on investigating ways to improve construction safety based on the understanding of the socio-cognitive process of construction workersafe

Delgado Vela, Jeseth

Advisor: Dr. Nancy Love
Research Interest(s): Microbial ecology in water treatment systems, bioprocess modeling

Feng, Chen

Advisor: Dr. Vineet Kamat
Research Interest(s): Construction and Civil Engineering Automation and Robotics via Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Machine Learning, and AR/VR.

Jebelli, Houtan

Advisor: Dr. SangHyun Lee
Research Interest(s): Automation and Robotics in Construction, Sensing and Modeling Human Behaviors, Application of Low-Cost Wearable Biosensors in Construction, Human Robot Collaboration in Construction.

Lundeen, Kurt

Advisor: Dr. Vineet Kamat
Research Interest(s): I am interested in the conception and exploration of novel robotic designs required to meet the individual demands of countless unrealized robotic applications.

Na, Yunsu

Advisor: Dr. Sherif, El-Tawil
Research Interest(s): Post-Earthquake damage assessment

Otero-Diaz, Margarita

Advisor: Dr. Avery Demond
Research Interest(s): Impact of biofuels on surface water quality due to desorption of organochlorine pesticides from contaminated sediments


Das, Saikat

Advisor: Dr. Brian Ellis
Research Interest(s): Oil & Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Thin Films, Catalysis, Interfacial Science, Surfactants, Nanotechnology, Separations

Fonoll Almansa, Xavier

Advisor: Dr. Lutgarde Raskin
Research Interest(s): Biological process for solid waste and waste water treatment; Bio-refinery; Life cycle assessment; Sustainability; Integrated waste systems; Process modelling

Gkrizi, Athina

Advisor: Dr. Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos
Research Interest(s): Vibrations in the built environment, soil-structure interaction, numerical modeling, modern site characterization, health assessment of critical infrastructure.

Haig, Sarah Jane

Advisor: Dr. Lutgarde Raskin
Research Interest(s): Detection of emerging contaminant degraders, design of new plumbing materials & understanding the factors that affect antibiotic resistance in premise plumbing

Sotomayor, Francisco

Advisor: Dr. Christian M. Lastoskie
Research Interest(s): Air Pollution Control Systems, Sustainable Material Design, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Carbon Dioxide Capture, Adsorption Processes, Molecular Simulations

Sun, Peng

Advisors: Dr. Satish Nagarajaiah and Dr. Jerome Lynch
Research Interest(s): Nanomaterial/nano-film modeling, characterization, and optimization; Structural health monitoring, damage detection, and structural dynamics

Wang, Wentao

Advisors: Dr. Hui Li and Dr. Jerome Lynch
Research Interest(s): Dr. Wang got his Ph.D. degree in Harbin Institute of Technology, China in 2016. His research interests are structural health monitoring, ultrasonic inspection