Climate and Space Sciences Engineering (formerly AOSS)

PhD Students

Singh, Deepak

Advisor: Dr. Mark Flanner
Research Interest(s): Cryosphere Radiative Effect, Martian Surface Albedo, Planetary Climate Models and Energy Budget


Klein, Kristopher

Advisor: Dr. Justin Kasper
Research Interest(s): Simulation and modeling of plasma phenomena, including waves, turbulence, and heating, in the heliosphere.

Manuel, Mario

Advisor: Dr. Paul R. Drake
Research Interest(s): high energy density physics, laser-matter interactions, inertial confinement fusion, plasma hydrodynamics, nuclear and plasma diagnostics, astrophysical jets

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Tan, Shurun

Advisor: Dr. Leung Tsang
Research Interest(s): Radar and radiometric remote sensing of snow, electromagnetic theory, photonic crystals, metamaterials