Computer Science and Engineering

PhD Students

Chen, Qi Alfred

Advisors: Dr. Z. Morley Mao
Research Interest(s): Smart systems and IoT security, network security, software security, smartphone system security, vulnerability discovery and analysis

Jia, Yunhan

Advisors: Dr. Z. Morley Mao
Research Interest(s): System Security, Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicle

Kloosterman, John

Advisor: Dr.Scott Mahlke
Research Interest(s): Computer architecture, compilers, parallel computing, performance analysis

Kolli, Aasheesh

Advisors: Dr. Thomas Wenisch
Research Interest(s): Computer Architecture / Systems / Programming Interfaces / Emerging memory technologies / Emerging networking technologies / Hardware specialization

Lee, Doowon

Advisor: Dr. Valeria Bertacco
Research Interest(s): Hardware Verification and Validation, Computer Architecture

Lindes, Peter

Advisor: Dr. John Laird
Research Interest(s): Computational models of human language comprehension based on existing research in computer science, linguistics, and psychology. Robot language understanding.

Ushani, Arash

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Eustice
Research Interest(s): I am interested in problems pertaining to perception for robotics in dynamic environments.

Zhang, Yunqi

Advisor: Dr. Lingjia Tang and Dr. Jason Mars
Research Interest(s): Computer Architecture, Computer Systems, Distributed Systems, Data Center Architecture


Haque, Md E.

Advisors: Dr. Thu D Nguyen and Dr. Ricardo Bianchini
Research Interest(s): Datacenters, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture

Liang, He

Advisors: Dr. Kang G. Shin
Research Interest(s): My recent research mainly focuses on the smart battery management via a cyber-physical perspective.