Biomedical Engineering

PhD Students

Topal, Tugba

Advisor: Dr. Paul H. Krebsbach
Research Interest(s): Understanding how external mechanical forces and cellular microenvironment influence fundamental cell processes such as stem cells differentiation and prolifer

Zhou, Quan

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Wang
Research Interest(s): Biomedical imaging, Translational medicine, Photoacoustic tomography, Peptide and nanoparticle probe design and synthesis, Theranostics

Zhu, Yiying

Advisor: Dr. Oliver Kripfgans
Research Interest(s): Therapeutic ultrasound, Cavitation, Medical imaging, Signal/Image processing, Data fusion, Image analysis.


Allen, Steven

Advisor: Dr. Zhen Xu
Research Interest(s): Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Guide for Focused Ultrasound Surgeries

Aydin, Omer

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Frank
Research Interest(s): Drug/gene delivery, nanomedicine, SERS, Raman Spectroscopy, polymer, ATRP, imaging, ultrasound

Friedman, Michael

Advisor: Dr. David Kohn
Research Interest(s): Exercise and nutrition effects on the musculoskeletal system

Kabinejadian, Foad

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Bull
Research Interest(s): Experimental, analytical, and computational cardiovascular and biofluid mechanics; design and development of medical devices; gas embolotherapy.

Kulkarni, Girish

Advisor: Dr. Xudong Fan and Dr. Zhaohui Zhong
Research Interest(s): Understanding and tailoring the behavior of nanomaterials to develop next-generation nanoelectronics/nanophotonics and chemical/biological sensor platforms.

Rosselli, Luciana

Advisor: Dr. Allen P. Liu
Research Interest(s): Cancer cell biology; Imaging-based high content screening development

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Chen, Yu-Chih

Advisors: Dr. Euisik Yoon and Dr. Max Wicha
Research Interest(s): Microfluidic high-throughput single-cell morphological analysis, behavioral assays, and whole transcriptome sequencing

Chun, Il Young

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Fessler
Research Interest(s): Compressed sensing, convolutional filter learning and sparse signal recovery, adaptive signal processing in medical imaging, computational photography

Kim, Dongwon

Advisor: Dr. Richard Gillete
Research Interest(s): Robust control, Assistive robot, Compliant mechanism, Rehabilitation, and Neuroscience

Li, Chao

Advisor: Dr. Anish Tuteja
Research Interest(s): Surface Science, Microfluidics, Cell-Materials Interaction, Self-assembly of Nanomaterials

McCarroll, Louise

Advisor: Dr. William Schultz and Dr. Michael Solomon
Research Interest(s): Applications of continuum mechanics in medicine

Patterson, Brandon

Advisor: Dr. Eric Johnsen and Dr. David Dowling
Research Interest(s): Acoustics, fluid mechanics, ultrasonics, biomedical applications, engineering education, science communication

Wang, Shue

Advisors: Dr. Allen Liu
Research Interest(s): My specialty is developing engineering techniques to solve biological problems. My ideal goal is bridging the gap between biological and engineering paradigms.

Wilson, Robert

Advisor: Dr. Bruce Tromberg
Research Interest(s): Development, validation, and implementation of novel mathematical models of light transport in biological tissue for diagnostic applications in brain imaging

Zheng, Yi

Advisor: Dr. Jianping Fu
Research Interest(s): Biomimetic microenvironment, Cellular biophysics, Micro/Nano biosensors, Instrumentation