Electrical and Computer Engineering (formerly EE and EE:S)

PhD Students

Chen, Pin-Yu

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): network science, data science, graph signal processing, statistical analysis, community detection, graph clustering, cyber security

Chen, Yu-Chih

Advisors: Dr. Euisik Yoon and Dr. Max Wicha
Research Interest(s): Microfluidic high-throughput single-cell morphological analysis, behavioral assays, and whole transcriptome sequencing

Dreyer, Elizabeth

Advisor: Dr. Steve Rand
Research Interest(s): Optics, Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Optics, Light Scattering, Lasers, Optical Materials, Photonic Devices, Quantum Optics, Optics/Chemistry and more!

George, Heather

Advisors: Dr. Ted Norris
Research Interest(s): Optics, Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Material Response, Electron Dynamics, and Lasers

Guo, Han

Advisors: Dr. Eric Michielssen and Dr. Raj Nadakuditi
Research Interest(s): Computational Electromagnetics, Fast algorithms, Parallel computing, Optimization, Numerical linear algebra, Parallel computing, Machine learning

Hazari, Arnab

Advisor: Dr. Pallab Bhattacharya
Research Interest(s): Silicon Photonics; Epitaxial growth, fabrication and characterization of III-Nitride photonic devices; Monolithic near-IR nanowire lasers on (001) Silicon

McCullgh, James

Advisor: Dr. Khalil Najafi and Dr. Jeff Scruggs
Research Interest(s): Infrastructure based systems, energy harvesting, and related circuits powered by µW to W. This includes integrated circuits and power electronics.

Nilsson, Petter

Advisor: Dr. Necmiye Ozay
Research Interest(s): Control design techniques admitting performance guarantees

Tan, Shurun

Advisor: Dr. Leung Tsang
Research Interest(s): Radar and radiometric remote sensing of snow, electromagnetic theory, photonic crystals, metamaterials

Vasal, Deepanshu

Advisors: Dr. Achilleas Anastasopoulos, Dr. Varun Jog, and Dr. Po-Ling Loh
Research Interest(s): Social Networks, Decentralized control, IoT, Network Science

Xie, Tianpei

Advisors: Dr. Alfred O. Hero
Research Interest(s): Learning from multiple sources; Deep Learning; Semantic Analysis

Yang, Donguk

Advisor: Dr. Khalil Najafi
Research Interest(s): My research interest lies in inertial sensors and navigation systems, specifically mitigating temperature-induced bias errors on gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Zhang, Cheng

Advisor: Dr. L. Jay Guo
Research Interest(s): Metamaterials, Nano-photonics, Nano-fabrication, Nano-imprint, Polymer-based photonic devices, Bio-photonics


Altin, Berk

Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Sanfelice
Research Interest(s): Iterative learning control; repetitive processes, multidimensional systems theory and control; additive manufacturing; hybrid systems; cyberphysical systems

Chun, Il Young

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Fessler
Research Interest(s): Compressed sensing, convolutional filter learning and sparse signal recovery, adaptive signal processing in medical imaging, computational photography

Chung, Hye Won

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): Developing theories and algorithms to extract and exploit information with applications of interactive machine learning with humans.

Harirchi, Farshad

Advisor: Dr. Necmiye Ozay
Research Interest(s): Fault and Attack Detection, Cyber-physical Systems, Dynamical Systems and Control, System Identification and Estimation Theory, Renewable Energy

Hereid, Ayonga

Advisor: Dr. Aaron Ames and Dr. Jessy Grizzle
Research Interest(s): Nonlinear optimization and optimal control algorithm development for robotic systems

Johnson, Aaron

Advisor: Dr. Cindy Finelli
Research Interest(s): Engineering education – responsive teaching, influence of physical classroom space on teaching and learning, interdisciplinary engineering science courses

Li, Bo

Advisor: Dr. Grant Schoenebeck
Research Interest(s): Machine learning, security, privacy, algorithmic game theory, data mining, large-scale data analysis, deep learning, social networks, mechanism design

Liu, Sijia

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): Estimation/detection, information fusion, distributed optimization, resource management, energy harvesting, online learning, graphical model, big data analytics

Markosyan, Aram H.

Advisor: Dr. Mark J. Kushner
Research Interest(s): Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, High Performance Computing, Computer Science, Data Science

Moon, Kevin

Advisors: Dr. Smita Krishnaswamy and Dr. Ronald Coifman
Research Interest(s): Developing integrated self-powered, self-sensing smart structures capable of: energy harvesting, vibration suppression, and structural health monitoring.

Naghizadeh Ardabili, Parinaz

Advisor: Prof. Mingyan Liu
Research Interest(s): Game Theory, Network Economics, Economics of Cyber-Security

Ouyang, Yi

Advisor: Dr. Javad Lavaei, Dr. Pravin Varaiya
Research Interest(s): stochastic scheduling, decentralized stochastic control, dynamic games with asymmetric information

Radi, Younes

Advisor: Dr. Anthony Grbic
Research Interest(s): Functional metasurfaces, PT-symmetric structures, bianisotropic media, engineering light-matter interaction, analytical modelling in applied electromagnetics

Tran, Tinh

Advisors: Dr. Edward Yi Chang and Dr. Zetian Mi
Research Interest(s): III-V semiconductors based materials and devices, visible and ultraviolet light-emitting diodes, solar cells and high electron mobility transistors.

Trinh, Minh Tuan

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Rand
Research Interest(s): Ultrafast spectroscopies and nanostructured materials

Yasaei Sekeh, Salimeh

Advisors: Dr. Ghoramreza Motashami, and Dr. Alfred O. Hero
Research Interest(s): Machine Learning, Information Theory, Graphical Models, Statistical Learning Theory, Applied Probability, Estimation.

Zidan, Mohammed

Advisor: Dr. Wei Lu
Research Interest(s): Non-Von-Neumann computing, RRAM circuits and systems, neural networks, emerging memory devices, memory systems, and computer arithmetic.

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Ansari, Ahmad

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Identification, estimation and control for aerospace and naval applications

Chen, Qi Alfred

Advisors: Dr. Z. Morley Mao
Research Interest(s): Smart systems and IoT security, network security, software security, smartphone system security, vulnerability discovery and analysis

Haque, Md E.

Advisors: Dr. Thu D Nguyen and Dr. Ricardo Bianchini
Research Interest(s): Datacenters, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture

Jia, Yunhan

Advisors: Dr. Z. Morley Mao
Research Interest(s): System Security, Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicle

Kolli, Aasheesh

Advisors: Dr. Thomas Wenisch
Research Interest(s): Computer Architecture / Systems / Programming Interfaces / Emerging memory technologies / Emerging networking technologies / Hardware specialization

Kulkarni, Girish

Advisor: Dr. Xudong Fan and Dr. Zhaohui Zhong
Research Interest(s): Understanding and tailoring the behavior of nanomaterials to develop next-generation nanoelectronics/nanophotonics and chemical/biological sensor platforms.

Liang, He

Advisors: Dr. Kang G. Shin
Research Interest(s): My recent research mainly focuses on the smart battery management via a cyber-physical perspective.

Mirinejad, Hossein

Research Interest(s): Connected Testbeds for Connected Automated Vehicles, Optimal Control Theory and Applications, Human Factors and Driver Modeling, Modeling and Control of Biomedical Systems, Intelligent Control based on Neural Networks, Fuzzy, and Genetic Algorithms

Rashidi, Vahid

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Pipe
Research Interest(s): I am interested in nano-scale heat transfer. I am specifically interested in designing new algorithms for property prediction.

Sammons, Patrick

Advisor: Dr. Douglas Bristow and Dr. Kira Barton
Research Interest(s): Modeling, control for advanced/additive manufacturing processes; system identification; modeling, control of repetitive processes

Zhou, Xin

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Stein and Dr. Tulga Ersal
Research Interest(s): My research interests are in the area of dynamics, control, estimation, and system modeling and identification with applications to energy systems.

Zhu, Yiying

Advisor: Dr. Oliver Kripfgans
Research Interest(s): Therapeutic ultrasound, Cavitation, Medical imaging, Signal/Image processing, Data fusion, Image analysis.