Electrical and Computer Engineering (formerly EE and EE:S)

PhD Students

Chen, Pin-Yu

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): network science, data science, graph signal processing, statistical analysis, community detection, graph clustering, cyber security

Dreyer, Elizabeth

Advisor: Dr. Steve Rand
Research Interest(s): Optics, Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Optics, Light Scattering, Lasers, Optical Materials, Photonic Devices, Quantum Optics, Optics/Chemistry and more!

Hazari, Arnab

Advisor: Dr. Pallab Bhattacharya
Research Interest(s): Silicon Photonics; Epitaxial growth, fabrication and characterization of III-Nitride photonic devices; Monolithic near-IR nanowire lasers on (001) Silicon

Kolli, Aasheesh

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Wenisch
Research Interest(s): Computer Architecture / Systems / Programming Interfaces / Emerging memory technologies / Emerging networking technologies / Hardware specialization

Tan, Shurun

Advisor: Dr. Leung Tsang
Research Interest(s): Radar and radiometric remote sensing of snow, electromagnetic theory, photonic crystals, metamaterials

Yang, Donguk

Advisor: Dr. Khalil Najafi
Research Interest(s): My research interest lies in inertial sensors and navigation systems, specifically mitigating temperature-induced bias errors on gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Zhang, Cheng

Advisor: Dr. L. Jay Guo
Research Interest(s): Metamaterials, Nano-photonics, Nano-fabrication, Nano-imprint, Polymer-based photonic devices, Bio-photonics


Altin, Berk

Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Sanfelice
Research Interest(s): Iterative learning control; repetitive processes, multidimensional systems theory and control; additive manufacturing; hybrid systems; cyberphysical systems

Chun, Il Young

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Fessler
Research Interest(s): Compressed sensing, convolutional filter learning and sparse signal recovery, adaptive signal processing in medical imaging, computational photography

Chung, Hye Won

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): Developing theories and algorithms to extract and exploit information with applications of interactive machine learning with humans.

Harirchi, Farshad

Advisor: Dr. Necmiye Ozay
Research Interest(s): Fault and Attack Detection, Cyber-physical Systems, Dynamical Systems and Control, System Identification and Estimation Theory, Renewable Energy

Johnson, Aaron

Advisor: Dr. Cindy Finelli
Research Interest(s): Engineering education – responsive teaching, influence of physical classroom space on teaching and learning, interdisciplinary engineering science courses

Li, Bo

Advisor: Dr. Grant Schoenebeck
Research Interest(s): Machine learning, security, privacy, algorithmic game theory, data mining, large-scale data analysis, deep learning, social networks, mechanism design

Liu, Sijia

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): Estimation/detection, information fusion, distributed optimization, resource management, energy harvesting, online learning, graphical model, big data analytics

Liu, Yang

Advisor: Dr. Eric Michielssen
Research Interest(s): Fast time-/frequency-domain integral equation methods for real-life electromagnetic problems. Application of compressive sensing and randomized algorithms.

Markosyan, Aram H.

Advisor: Prof. Mark J. Kushner
Research Interest(s): Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, High Performance Computing, Computer Science, Data Science

McCullagh, James

Advisor: Dr. Jeff Scruggs
Research Interest(s): Infrastructure based systems, energy harvesting, and related circuits powered by µW to W. This includes µW integrated circuits and systems driven by high velocity high force vibrations.

Moon, Kevin

Advisors: Dr. Smita Krishnaswamy and Ronald Coifman
Research Interest(s): Developing integrated self-powered, self-sensing smart structures capable of: energy harvesting, vibration suppression, and structural health monitoring.

Naghizadeh Ardabili, Parinaz

Advisor: Prof. Mingyan Liu
Research Interest(s): Game Theory, Network Economics, Economics of Cyber-Security

Ouyang, Yi

Advisor: Dr. Rahul Jain, Dr. Ashutosh Nayyar
Research Interest(s): stochastic scheduling, decentralized stochastic control, dynamic games with asymmetric information

Radi, Younes

Advisor: Dr. Anthony Grbic
Research Interest(s): Functional metasurfaces, PT-symmetric structures, bianisotropic media, engineering light-matter interaction, analytical modelling in applied electromagnetics

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Ansari, Ahmad

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Developing adaptive input and state estimation algorithms for a large class of stochastic systems. Identification and adaptive control of nonlinear systems.

Haque, Md E.

Advisors: Dr. Thu D Nguyen and Dr. Ricardo Bianchini
Research Interest(s): Datacenters, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture

Kulkarni, Girish

Advisor: Dr. Xudong Fan, Dr. Zhaohui Zhong
Research Interest(s): Understanding and tailoring the behavior of nanomaterials to develop next-generation nanoelectronics/nanophotonics and chemical/biological sensor platforms.

Liang, He

Advisors: Dr. Kang G. Shin
Research Interest(s): My recent research mainly focuses on the smart battery management via a cyber-physical perspective.

Mirinejad, Hossein

Advisor: Dr. Tulga Ersal
Research Interest(s): Optimal Control Theory and Applications, Motion Planning, Modeling and Control of Autonomous Vehicles, Model Predictive Control, Control of Biomedical Systems

Ross, Shani

Advisor: Dr. Tim Bruns
Research Interest(s): My research interests include closed-loop neuroprosthesis and neuromodulation for the treatment of disorders and/or restoration of function.

Zhou, Xin

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Stein and Dr. Tulga Ersal
Research Interest(s): My research interests are in the area of dynamics, control, estimation, and system modeling and identification with applications to energy systems.

Zhu, Yiying

Advisor: Dr. Oliver Kripfgans
Research Interest(s): Therapeutic ultrasound, Cavitation, Medical imaging, Signal/Image processing, Data fusion, Image analysis.