Industrial and Operations Engineering

PhD Students

Aldaron, Francisco

Advisor: Dr. Yavuz A. Bozer
Research Interest(s): Quantitative models to design and analyze order fulfillment and order picking systems for on-line retail and similar applications.

Hong, Young-Chae

Advisor: Dr. Amy Cohn
Research Interest(s): Medical scheduling problems, transportation problems

Maass, Kayse Lee

Advisor: Dr. Mark S. Daskin
Research Interest(s): The application of operations research methods to facility location, healthcare, humanitarian logistics, and anti-human trafficking efforts

Merdan, Selin

Advisor: Dr. Brian Denton
Research Interest(s): Statistics and optimization for developing computational methods in clinical settings

Speakman, Emily

Advisor: Dr. Jon Lee
Research Interest(s): Global optimization, mixed-integer nonlinear programming, polyhedral combinatorics.

Wu, Victor

Advisor: Dr. Marina Epelman
Research Interest(s): Operations research in healthcare, particularly radiation therapy treatment planning


Schell, Kristen

Advisor: Dr. Seth Guikema
Research Interest(s): I develop and advance optimization and predictive models of the electricity system to better inform, and optimally target, renewable energy policymaking.

Shashaani, Sara

Advisor: Dr. Seth Guikema
Research Interest(s): Simulation Optimization and Data Analysis Theory and Applications in Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure Planning

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Chu, Kang-Ching Jean

Advisor: Dr. Kazuhiro Saitou
Research Interest(s): Design Optimization, Operations Research, Renewable Energy, Intelligent Transportation System

Chung, Hye Won

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): Developing theories and algorithms to extract and exploit information with applications of interactive machine learning with humans.

Liu, Sijia

Advisor: Dr. Alfred Hero
Research Interest(s): Estimation/detection, information fusion, distributed optimization, resource management, energy harvesting, online learning, graphical model, big data analytics

Ouyang, Yi

Advisor: Dr. Javad Lavaei, Dr. Pravin Varaiya
Research Interest(s): stochastic scheduling, decentralized stochastic control, dynamic games with asymmetric information

Supekar, Sarang

Advisor: Dr. Steve Skerlos
Research Interest(s): CO2 recovery, sequestration, and reuse; Sustainable design and manufacturing; Pollution prevention; Environmental systems modeling and analysis; Energy policy