Materials Science and Engineering

PhD Students


Li, Chao

Advisor: Dr. Anish Tuteja
Research Interest(s): Surface Science, Microfluidics, Cell-Materials Interaction, Self-assembly of Nanomaterials

Roy, Arunabha

Advisor: Dr. Katsuyo Thornton
Research Interest(s): Stress- and strain-induced phase transformations: martensitic PT, virtual melting, Phase field approach, Polycrystalline and Multiphase Materials.

Xu, Lizhi

Advisor: Dr. John A. Rogers and Dr. Nicholas A. Kotov
Research Interest(s): Soft materials and soft devices that can directly interface with the human body

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Djire, Abdoulaye

Advisor: Dr. Levi T. Thompson
Research Interest(s): Design, synthesis, and characterization of nanostructured materials for biotechnology, sustainable energy, and energy storage and conversion.

Hajizadeh, Elnaz

Advisor: Dr. Ronald G. Larson
Research Interests: Rheology of Complex Fluids, Polymer Migration in Nano-Confined Geometries, Colloidal Suspensions, Tribology

Hazari, Arnab

Advisor: Dr. Pallab Bhattacharya
Research Interest(s): Silicon Photonics; Epitaxial growth, fabrication and characterization of III-Nitride photonic devices; Monolithic near-IR nanowire lasers on (001) Silicon

Hernandez, Efrain

Advisor: Dr. Mark Tschopp
Research Interest(s): Microstructural evolution, computational material science, atomistic and mesoscales modeling, radiation damage, materials informatics

Kumar, Nitin

Advisor: Dr. Donald J. Siegel
Research Interest(s): Li-ion and Metal-air Batteries; Modeling of Interfaces; Computational Nanoscience; Atomistic Materials Simulation; Multi-scale modeling

Radi, Younes

Advisor: Dr. Anthony Grbic
Research Interest(s): Functional metasurfaces, PT-symmetric structures, bianisotropic media, engineering light-matter interaction, analytical modelling in applied electromagnetics

Topal, Tugba

Advisor: Dr. Paul H. Krebsbach
Research Interest(s): Understanding how external mechanical forces and cellular microenvironment influence fundamental cell processes such as stem cells differentiation and prolifer

Tran, Tinh

Advisors: Dr. Edward Yi Chang and Dr. Zetian Mi
Research Interest(s): III-V semiconductors based materials and devices, visible and ultraviolet light-emitting diodes, solar cells and high electron mobility transistors.

Wood, Kevin

Advisors: Dr. Neil Dasgupta
Research Interest(s): Materials Science, Electrochemistry and Renewable Energy