Mechanical Engineering

PhD Students

Chen, Yuxiao

Advisors: Dr. Huei Peng and Dr. Jessy Grizzle
Research Interest(s): I'm interested in correct-by-construction control synthesis for complex control systems with disturbance and modelling uncertainty, such as autonomous vehicles.

Felt, Wyatt

Advisor: Dr. C. David Remy
Research Interest(s): Soft Sensors and Actuators

Kim, Dongwon

Advisor: Dr. Richard Gillete
Research Interest(s): Robust control, Assistive robot, Compliant mechanism, Rehabilitation, and Neuroscience

Kim, Jinki

Advisor: Dr. Kon-Well Wang
Research Interest(s): Dynamics, vibrations, and waves in discrete and continuous linear and nonlinear systems for adaptive structural design and structural health monitoring

LePage, William

Advisor: Dr. Samantha Daly and Dr. John Shaw
Research Interest(s): Synergy of microstructurally-sensitive experimental mechanics with data mining, computational mechanics, topology optimization, and additive manufacturing.

McCarroll, Louise

Advisor: Dr. William Schultz and Dr. Michael Solomon
Research Interest(s): Applications of continuum mechanics in medicine

Motamarri, Phani

Advisor: Dr. Vikram Gavini
Research Interest(s): Large-scale ab-initio calculations for high fidelity description of material properties, Computational algorithms for real-space ab-initio calculations

Patterson, Brandon

Advisor: Dr. Eric Johnsen and Dr. David Dowling
Research Interest(s): Acoustics, fluid mechanics, ultrasonics, biomedical applications, engineering education, science communication

Rashidi, Vahid

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Pipe
Research Interest(s): I am interested in nano-scale heat transfer. I am specifically interested in designing new algorithms for property prediction.

Zhou, Xin

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Stein and Dr. Tulga Ersal
Research Interest(s): My research interests are in the area of dynamics, control, estimation, and system modeling and identification with applications to energy systems.


Bayrak, A. Emrah

Advisosr: Dr. Panos Papalambros and Dr. Bogdan Epureanu
Research Interest(s): Design optimization, systems design and engineering, optimal design and control (co-design), modular system design, game-based design optimization

Chu, Kang-Ching Jean

Advisor: Dr. Kazuhiro Saitou
Research Interest(s): Design Optimization, Operations Research, Renewable Energy, Intelligent Transportation System

Egilmez, M. Mert

Advisor: Dr. Bogdan Epureanu
Research Interest(s): Wave propagation, noise and vibration (control and measurement), human vibration, dynamics and applied mechanics.

Ghasemi, Amirhossein

Advisor: Dr. Brent Gillespie
Research Interest(s): Modeling and Control of Mechanical Systems, Mechatronics, Robotics, Haptix, Vibration, Intelligent Manufacturing, Aerospace, Intelligent Structures

Gu, Xi

Advisor: Dr. Jun Ni
Research Interest(s): Modeling and optimization of stochastic systems. Reliability and intelligent maintenance systems. Prognostic and health management techniques

Kim, Doohyun

Advisor: Dr. Angela Violi and Dr. Jason Martz
Research Interest(s): Internal combustion engine, alternative fuels, surrogate for real transportation fuels, combustion kinetics, emissions

Kumar, Nitin

Advisor: Dr. Donald J. Siegel
Research Interest(s): Li-ion and Metal-air Batteries; Modeling of Interfaces; Computational Nanoscience; Atomistic Materials Simulation; Multi-scale modeling

Mirinejad, Hossein

Research Interest(s): Connected Testbeds for Connected Automated Vehicles, Optimal Control Theory and Applications, Human Factors and Driver Modeling, Modeling and Control of Biomedical Systems, Intelligent Control based on Neural Networks, Fuzzy, and Genetic Algorithms

Rosenberg, David

Advisor: Dr. Bradley Williams
Research Interest(s): I am interested in combustion and the optical diagnostic methods used to study combustion.

Sammons, Patrick

Advisor: Dr. Douglas Bristow and Dr. Kira Barton
Research Interest(s): Modeling, control for advanced/additive manufacturing processes; system identification; modeling, control of repetitive processes

Supekar, Sarang

Advisor: Dr. Steve Skerlos
Research Interest(s): CO2 recovery, sequestration, and reuse; Sustainable design and manufacturing; Pollution prevention; Environmental systems modeling and analysis; Energy policy

Wang, Shue

Advisors: Dr. Allen Liu
Research Interest(s): My specialty is developing engineering techniques to solve biological problems. My ideal goal is bridging the gap between biological and engineering paradigms.

Wood, Kevin

Advisors: Dr. Neil Dasgupta
Research Interest(s): Materials Science, Electrochemistry and Renewable Energy

Zheng, Yi

Advisor: Dr. Jianping Fu
Research Interest(s): Biomimetic microenvironment, Cellular biophysics, Micro/Nano biosensors, Instrumentation

Zheng, Yihao

Advisor: Dr. Albert Shih
Research Interest(s): Medical devices design. Biomedical machining process modeling. Tissue mechanics. Catheter-based surgical tool dynamics.

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Aljanaideh, Khaled

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Data-based modeling; systems modeling and analysis; fault detection; guidance, navigation, and control

Altin, Berk

Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Sanfelice
Research Interest(s): Iterative learning control; repetitive processes, multidimensional systems theory and control; additive manufacturing; hybrid systems; cyberphysical systems

Chen, Yang

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Maki
Research Interest(s): Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Marine Hydrodynamics, Numerical methods, Finite-Volume Method, Boundary-Element Method

Hajizadeh, Elnaz

Advisor: Dr. Ronald G. Larson
Research Interests: Rheology of Complex Fluids, Polymer Migration in Nano-Confined Geometries, Colloidal Suspensions, Tribology

Hanquist, Kyle

Advisor: Dr. Iain Boyd
Research Interest(s): Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hypersonics, Re-Entry, Aerothermodynamics, Shape-Optimization, Thermal Management, High Speed Flight, Heat Transfer

Harirchi, Farshad

Advisor: Dr. Necmiye Ozay
Research Interest(s): Fault and Attack Detection, Cyber-physical Systems, Dynamical Systems and Control, System Identification and Estimation Theory, Renewable Energy

Hereid, Ayonga

Advisor: Dr. Aaron Ames and Dr. Jessy Grizzle
Research Interest(s): Nonlinear optimization and optimal control algorithm development for robotic systems

Hyun, Baro

Advisor: Dr. Anouck Girard and Dr. Pierre Kabamba
Research Interest(s): ADAS-enabled regenerative braking strategy for EV/HEV, integrated operation of UAVs-human operators

Kabinejadian, Foad

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Bull
Research Interest(s): Experimental, analytical, and computational cardiovascular and biofluid mechanics; design and development of medical devices; gas embolotherapy.

Li, Chao

Advisor: Dr. Anish Tuteja
Research Interest(s): Surface Science, Microfluidics, Cell-Materials Interaction, Self-assembly of Nanomaterials

Lowe, Jeffrey

Advisor: Dr. Donald Siegel
Research Interest(s): Materials for energy storage; interfacial phenomena; electrochemistry; atomistic modeling; multi-scale modeling; high performance computing; machine learning

Lundeen, Kurt

Advisor: Dr. Vineet Kamat
Research Interest(s): I am interested in the conception and exploration of novel robotic designs required to meet the individual demands of countless unrealized robotic applications.

Malakooti, Mohammad

Advisor: Dr. Henry Sodano
Research Interest(s): Multifunctional Materials, Piezoelectric Nanowire Synthesis, Energy Harvesting, Self-Healing Materials, Additive Manufacturing, Hybrid Composites

Pei, Xianjun

Advisor: Dr. Pingsha Dong
Research Interest(s): Friction stir welding; Fatigue of structures

Peng, Qing

Advisors: Dr. Marcel Utz and Dr. Fei Gao
Research Interest(s): Multiscale modeling, advanced materials mechanics, radiation damage.

Rahman, Yousaf

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Looking for a postdoc position involving adaptive or data driven control techniques. I am aiming to transition into a research position in industry.

Rastgoftar, Hossein

Advisor: Dr. Ella M. Atkins
Research Interest(s): My areas of interest span over Dynamics and Control, Multi Agents Systems, Applied Mechanics, Optimization and Markov Decision Processes, Multi Criteria Decisions

Reichl, Katherine

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Inman
Research Interest(s): Multifunctional structures with distributed vibration absorbers used for vibration suppression.

Shi, Shanbin

Advisor: Dr. Xiaodong Sun
Research Interest(s): Thermal-hydraulics and nuclear reactor safety analysis; Small modular reactor design; Two-phase flow mechanics and heat transfer

Xie, Jiawen

Advisor: Dr. Anthony M. Waas
Research Interest(s): Durability and damage tolerance of composites, computational fracture mechanics and fatigue, analytical solutions and benchmark examples for numerical analysis

Xu, Lizhi

Advisor: Dr. John A. Rogers and Dr. Nicholas A. Kotov
Research Interest(s): Soft materials and soft devices that can directly interface with the human body

Yang, Donguk

Advisor: Dr. Khalil Najafi
Research Interest(s): My research interest lies in inertial sensors and navigation systems, specifically mitigating temperature-induced bias errors on gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Zhang, Yuxi

Advisor: Dr. Dale G. Karr
Research Interest(s): Ice-structure Interaction, Non-linear Dynamic Analysis, Inverse Load Prediction, Experimental Design, Data Filtering

Zou, Weizhong

Advisor: Dr. Ronald Larson
Research Interest(s): Microrheology; Microfluidics; Drug delivery