Mechanical Engineering

PhD Students

Felt, Wyatt

Advisor: Dr. C. David Remy
Research Interest(s): Soft Sensors and Actuators

Kim, Dongwon

Advisor: Dr. Richard Gillete
Research Interest(s): Robust control, Assistive robot, Compliant mechanism, Rehabilitation, and Neuroscience

Kim, Jinki

Advisor: Dr. Kon-Well Wang
Research Interest(s): Dynamics, vibrations, and waves in discrete and continuous linear and nonlinear systems for adaptive structural design and structural health monitoring

McCarroll, Louise

Advisor: Dr. William Schultz, Dr. Michael Solomon
Research Interest(s): Applications of continuum mechanics in medicine

Motamarri, Phani

Advisor: Dr. Vikram Gavini
Research Interest(s): Large-scale ab-initio calculations for high fidelity description of material properties, Computational algorithms for real-space ab-initio calculations

Patterson, Brandon

Advisor: Dr. Eric Johnsen, Dr. David Dowling
Research Interest(s): Acoustics, fluid mechanics, ultrasonics, biomedical applications, engineering education, science communication

Zheng, Yihao

Advisor: Dr. Albert Shih
Research Interest(s): Medical devices design. Biomedical machining process modeling. Tissue mechanics. Catheter-based surgical tool dynamics.

Zhou, Xin

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Stein and Dr. Tulga Ersal
Research Interest(s): My research interests are in the area of dynamics, control, estimation, and system modeling and identification with applications to energy systems.


Bayrak, A. Emrah

Advisosr: Dr. Panos Papalambros and Dr. Bogdan Epureanu
Research Interest(s): Design optimization, systems design and engineering, optimal design and control (co-design), modular system design, game-based design optimization

Chu, Kang-Ching Jean

Advisor: Dr. Kazuhiro Saitou
Research Interest(s): Design Optimization, Operations Research, Renewable Energy, Intelligent Transportation System

Egilmez, M. Mert

Advisor: Dr. Bogdan Epureanu
Research Interest(s): Wave propagation, noise and vibration (control and measurement), human vibration, dynamics and applied mechanics.

Ghasemi, Amirhossein

Advisor: Dr. Brent Gillespie
Research Interest(s): Modeling and Control of Mechanical Systems, Mechatronics, Robotics, Haptix, Vibration, Intelligent Manufacturing, Aerospace, Intelligent Structures

Gu, Xi

Advisor: Dr. Jun Ni
Research Interest(s): Modeling and optimization of stochastic systems. Reliability and intelligent maintenance systems. Prognostic and health management techniques

Kim, Doohyun

Advisor: Dr. Angela Violi and Dr. Jason Martz
Research Interest(s): Internal combustion engine, alternative fuels, surrogate for real transportation fuels, combustion kinetics, emissions

Kumar, Nitin

Advisor: Dr. Donald J. Siegel
Research Interest(s): Li-ion and Metal-air Batteries; Modeling of Interfaces; Computational Nanoscience; Atomistic Materials Simulation; Multi-scale modeling

Mirinejad, Hossein

Advisor: Dr. Tulga Ersal
Research Interest(s): Optimal Control Theory and Applications, Motion Planning, Modeling and Control of Autonomous Vehicles, Model Predictive Control, Control of Biomedical Systems

Park, Jong Jin

Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Kuipers
Research Interest(s): High-quality motion generation; dexterous locomotion; mobile robot navigation; humanoid robots; multi-agent interaction; machine learning; computer vision

Pawelec, Kendell

Advisor: Dr. Jeff Sakamoto
Research Interest(s): My research interest lies at the boundary of materials and biology, examining how changes to material properties can influence cell behavior.

Rosenberg, David

Advisor: Dr. Bradley Williams
Research Interest(s): I am interested in combustion and the optical diagnostic methods used to study combustion.

Supekar, Sarang

Advisor: Dr. Steve Skerlos
Research Interest(s): CO2 recovery, sequestration, and reuse; Sustainable design and manufacturing; Pollution prevention; Environmental systems modeling and analysis; Energy policy

Wang, Shue

Advisors: Dr. Allen Liu
Research Interest(s): My specialty is developing engineering techniques to solve biological problems. My ideal goal is bridging the gap between biological and engineering paradigms.

Wood, Kevin

Advisors: Dr. Neil Dasgupta
Research Interest(s): Materials Science, Electrochemistry and Renewable Energy

Zheng, Yi

Advisor: Dr. Jianping Fu
Research Interest(s): Biomimetic microenvironment, Cellular biophysics, Micro/Nano biosensors, Instrumentation

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Aljanaideh, Khaled

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Data-based modeling; systems modeling and analysis; fault detection; guidance, navigation, and control

Altin, Berk

Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Sanfelice
Research Interest(s): Iterative learning control; repetitive processes, multidimensional systems theory and control; additive manufacturing; hybrid systems; cyberphysical systems

Chen, Yang

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Maki
Research Interest(s): Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Marine Hydrodynamics, Numerical methods, Finite-Volume Method, Boundary-Element Method

Garg, Nitin

Advisors: Prof. Yin Lu Young and Prof. Joaquim R. R. A. Martins
Research Interest(s): My research interest lies in numerical hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, fluid-structure interactions and numerical optimization.

Hajizadeh, Elnaz

Advisor: Dr. Ronald G. Larson Research Interests: Rheology of Complex Fluids, Polymer Migration in Nano-Confined Geometries, Colloidal Suspensions, Tribology

Hanquist, Kyle

Advisor: Dr. Iain Boyd
Research Interest(s): Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hypersonics, Re-Entry, Aerothermodynamics, Shape-Optimization, Thermal Management, High Speed Flight, Heat Transfer

Harirchi, Farshad

Advisor: Dr. Necmiye Ozay
Research Interest(s): Fault and Attack Detection, Cyber-physical Systems, Dynamical Systems and Control, System Identification and Estimation Theory, Renewable Energy

Hobeck, Jared

Advisor: Dr. Daniel J. Inman
Research Interest(s): Developing integrated self-powered, self-sensing smart structures capable of: energy harvesting, vibration suppression, and structural health monitoring.

Hyun, Baro

Advisor: Dr. Anouck Girard, Dr. Pierre Kabamba
Research Interest(s): ADAS-enabled regenerative braking strategy for EV/HEV, integrated operation of UAVs-human operators

Kabinejadian, Foad

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Bull
Research Interest(s): Experimental, analytical, and computational cardiovascular and biofluid mechanics; design and development of medical devices; gas embolotherapy.

Li, Chao

Advisor: Dr. Anish Tuteja
Research Interest(s): Surface Science, Microfluidics, Cell-Materials Interaction, Self-assembly of Nanomaterials

Malakooti, Mohammad

Advisor: Dr. Henry Sodano
Research Interest(s): Multifunctional Materials, Piezoelectric Nanowire Synthesis, Energy Harvesting, Self-Healing Materials, Additive Manufacturing, Hybrid Composites

Pei, Xianjun

Advisor: Dr. Pingsha Dong
Research Interest(s): Friction stir welding; Fatigue of structures

Rahman, Yousaf

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Looking for a postdoc position involving adaptive or data driven control techniques. I am aiming to transition into a research position in industry.

Rastgoftar, Hossein

Advisor: Dr. Ella M. Atkins
Research Interest(s): My areas of interest span over Dynamics and Control, Multi Agents Systems, Applied Mechanics, Optimization and Markov Decision Processes, Multi Criteria Decisions

Xie, Jiawen

Advisor: Dr. Anthony M. Waas
Research Interest(s): Durability and damage tolerance of composites, computational fracture mechanics and fatigue, analytical solutions and benchmark examples for numerical analysis

Yang, Donguk

Advisor: Dr. Khalil Najafi
Research Interest(s): My research interest lies in inertial sensors and navigation systems, specifically mitigating temperature-induced bias errors on gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Zhang, Yuxi

Advisor: Dr. Dale G. Karr
Research Interest(s): Ice-structure Interaction, Non-linear Dynamic Analysis, Inverse Load Prediction, Experimental Design, Data Filtering

Zou, Weizhong

Advisor: Dr. Ronald Larson
Research Interest(s): Microrheology; Microfluidics; Drug delivery