Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

PhD Students

Poitrasson-Riviere, Alexis

Advisor: Dr. Sara Pozzi
Research Interest(s): Moving radiation detection equipment (drones equipped with detectors), nuclear waste characterization

Wang, Jipu

Advisors: Dr. William Martin
Research Interest(s): Application of Method of Manufactured Solutions to Verify MoC Based Neutron Transport Code


Hernandez, Efrain

Advisor: Dr. Mark Tschopp
Research Interest(s): Microstructural evolution, computational material science, atomistic and mesoscales modeling, radiation damage, materials informatics

Paff, Marc

Advisors: Dr. Sara Pozzi
Research Interest(s): My interests include radiation detector development and simulations.

Peng, Qing

Advisors: Dr. Marcel Utz and Dr. Fei Gao
Research Interest(s): Multiscale modeling, advanced materials mechanics, radiation damage.

Shi, Shanbin

Advisor: Dr. Xiaodong Sun
Research Interest(s): Thermal-hydraulics and nuclear reactor safety analysis; Small modular reactor design; Two-phase flow mechanics and heat transfer

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Manuel, Mario

Advisor: Dr. Paul R. Drake
Research Interest(s): high energy density physics, laser-matter interactions, inertial confinement fusion, plasma hydrodynamics, nuclear and plasma diagnostics, astrophysical jets

Wu, Victor

Advisor: Dr. Marina Epelman
Research Interest(s): Operations research in healthcare, particularly radiation therapy treatment planning