Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Chen, Yuxiao

Advisors: Dr. Huei Peng and Dr. Jessy Grizzle
Research Interest(s): I'm interested in correct-by-construction control synthesis for complex control systems with disturbance and modelling uncertainty, such as autonomous vehicles.

Felt, Wyatt

Advisor: Dr. C. David Remy
Research Interest(s): Soft Sensors and Actuators

Feng, Chen

Advisor: Dr. Vineet Kamat
Research Interest(s): Construction and Civil Engineering Automation and Robotics via Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Machine Learning, and AR/VR.

Lindes, Peter

Advisor: Dr. John Laird
Research Interest(s): Computational models of human language comprehension based on existing research in computer science, linguistics, and psychology. Robot language understanding.

Nilsson, Petter

Advisor: Dr. Necmiye Ozay
Research Interest(s): Control design techniques admitting performance guarantees

Park, Hyeongjun

Advisor: Dr. Marcello Romano
Research Interest(s): Real-time model predictive guidance and control of spacecraft rendezvous and docking, robust maneuvers of multicopters with aerial manipulation capability

Ushani, Arash

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Eustice
Research Interest(s): I am interested in problems pertaining to perception for robotics in dynamic environments.