Aerospace Engineering

PhD Students

Acar, Pinar

Advisor: Dr. Veera Sundararaghavan
Research Interest(s): Microstructures, Multi-Scale Structure Design, Multi-disciplinary Design and Optimization, Reduced Order Modeling, Uncertainty Quantification

Ansari, Ahmad

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Identification, estimation and control for aerospace and naval applications

Rahman, Yousaf

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Looking for a postdoc position involving adaptive or data driven control techniques. I am aiming to transition into a research position in industry.

Reichl, Katherine

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Inman
Research Interest(s): Multifunctional structures with distributed vibration absorbers used for vibration suppression.

Sanjaya, Devina

Advisors: Dr. Krzysztof Fidkowski
Research Interest(s): Robust, scalable algorithms for computational fluid dynamics, Optimization for adaptive mesh generation, Output-based error estimation, Design under uncertainty

Xie, Jiawen

Advisor: Dr. Anthony M. Waas
Research Interest(s): Durability and damage tolerance of composites, computational fracture mechanics and fatigue, analytical solutions and benchmark examples for numerical analysis


Aljanaideh, Khaled

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Bernstein
Research Interest(s): Data-based modeling; systems modeling and analysis; fault detection; guidance, navigation, and control

Hanquist, Kyle

Advisor: Dr. Iain Boyd
Research Interest(s): Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hypersonics, Re-Entry, Aerothermodynamics, Shape-Optimization, Thermal Management, High Speed Flight, Heat Transfer

Hyun, Baro

Advisor: Dr. Anouck Girard and Dr. Pierre Kabamba
Research Interest(s): ADAS-enabled regenerative braking strategy for EV/HEV, integrated operation of UAVs-human operators

Malakooti, Mohammad

Advisor: Dr. Henry Sodano
Research Interest(s): Multifunctional Materials, Piezoelectric Nanowire Synthesis, Energy Harvesting, Self-Healing Materials, Additive Manufacturing, Hybrid Composites

Park, Hyeongjun

Advisor: Dr. Marcello Romano
Research Interest(s): Real-time model predictive guidance and control of spacecraft rendezvous and docking, robust maneuvers of multicopters with aerial manipulation capability

Rastgoftar, Hossein

Advisor: Dr. Ella M. Atkins
Research Interest(s): My areas of interest span over Dynamics and Control, Multi Agents Systems, Applied Mechanics, Optimization and Markov Decision Processes, Multi Criteria Decisions

Other Candidates of Potential Interest

Ghasemi, Amirhossein

Advisor: Dr. Brent Gillespie
Research Interest(s): Modeling and Control of Mechanical Systems, Mechatronics, Robotics, Haptix, Vibration, Intelligent Manufacturing, Aerospace, Intelligent Structures

Johnson, Aaron

Advisor: Dr. Cindy Finelli
Research Interest(s): Engineering education – responsive teaching, influence of physical classroom space on teaching and learning, interdisciplinary engineering science courses

Kim, Jinki

Advisor: Dr. Kon-Well Wang
Research Interest(s): Dynamics, vibrations, and waves in discrete and continuous linear and nonlinear systems for adaptive structural design and structural health monitoring

LePage, William

Advisor: Dr. Samantha Daly and Dr. John Shaw
Research Interest(s): Synergy of microstructurally-sensitive experimental mechanics with data mining, computational mechanics, topology optimization, and additive manufacturing.

Roy, Arunabha

Advisor: Dr. Katsuyo Thornton
Research Interest(s): Stress- and strain-induced phase transformations: martensitic PT, virtual melting, Phase field approach, Polycrystalline and Multiphase Materials.

Wang, Wentao

Advisors: Dr. Hui Li and Dr. Jerome Lynch
Research Interest(s): Dr. Wang got his Ph.D. degree in Harbin Institute of Technology, China in 2016. His research interests are structural health monitoring, ultrasonic inspection